Considerations For Trying Skin Tag Home Remedies That Are Applied Directly to the Skin

For people who have skin tags, remove their tags by a healthcare professional is the recommended means of eliminating them, because healthcare practitioners can make a definitive diagnosis. For instance, they can determine that a growth is in fact a skin tag and not a more serious condition. Based on this diagnosis, they can determine an appropriate course of therapy. Also, professionals can remove tags in more difficult areas such as on the eyelids relatively easily. In addition, health insurance may not pay for removing the tag, but it usually will pay for an evaluation. Therefore, having a healthcare practitioner evaluate the growth is of benefit to the patient.

Although having a professional remove tags is an effective method, some people may decide to try a home remedy to remove them because professional removal can be expensive. Some of these remedies involve applying a mixture of castor oil and baking soda to the skin tag a few times per day. Others involve applying nail polish to the tag a few times per day. The efficacy of these methods tends to vary. Sometimes a given method may be ineffective in removing the skin tag, and sometimes the tags may recur or more may appear.

If a person decides to try a home remedy that is applied directly to the skin, the most important thing for him or her to remember is to look carefully at the ingredients in the home remedy. Paying close attention to the ingredients will decrease the person’s chances of having an allergic reaction. If the person experiences excessive irritation, he or she should consider discontinuing use of the product. The person should also consider consulting a physician if the irritation persists.