Natural Migraine Relief – Seven Affordable Remedies

When all the usual approaches to migraine treatment or prevention fail, you might think there’s nothing left — that you’re stuck dealing with the headaches and other symptoms. If you haven’t considered natural migraine relief, now is a great time to start. Here are some common remedies and preventatives for migraines.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

The Mayo Clinic lists feverview, magnesium, CoQ10, butterbur, and vitamin B-2 as potentially useful treatments. Consult your doctor before you start taking any of these remedies. Some can interact with other medications; are not recommended while pregnant or breast-feeding; or aren’t likely to be effective for you. Your healthcare provider can also tell you how much of each treatment to take and when.

Essential Oils

Lavender is one essential oil that’s known to relieve tension, which can ease migraine symptoms. When you notice the first signs of a migraine, try rubbing two drops of lavender oil into your temples. You can also put several drops in a diffuser that’s set up in the cool, dark room you use to recover from your headaches. However, one should exercise caution with this one. Some people with migraines are triggered by strong fragrances.

Chiropractic Care

For some people, misaligned neck vertebrae cause migraines. If that, or something similar, is the case, chiropractic care can be effective. Treatments might occur as often as three times a week to start, but generally taper off as patients improve.

Acupuncture or Acupressure

Both acupuncture and acupressure can provide natural migraine relief. If you’re squeamish or phobic about needles, you should probably look into acupressure first. Look for a qualified practitioner in your area who’ll explain how the treatment works and answer your questions.

Therapeutic Massage

Stress and tension cause some migraines. A therapeutic massage can reduce stress and help you relax, leading to fewer and/or less-intense headaches. This treatment can also relieve other symptoms, like nausea.


Biofeedback teaches you how to monitor specific things happening in your body, like muscle tension or breathing, and control them with practice. Being able to relax on your own can be more convenient than appointments with massage therapists or other healthcare providers; in many cases, you can do this wherever you are, including work, the supermarket, or the movie theater.


Many studies have found that significant migraine relief can be found with the regular use of mindfulness based meditation. Mindfulness turns off the stress-response system, boosts natural pain relieving neurotransmitters and alters brain chemistry that is associated with migraines. Not only does mindfulness alleviate the pain, but it also improves perception and tolerance of pain, outlook on life and mood, as well as enhances one’s sense of well-being.

As with Western medicine, alternative treatments don’t work the same for everyone. The information in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. A conversation with your doctor, or other healthcare provider, can help you focus on the natural migraine relief remedies that are most likely to work. He or she can also make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, helping you make a more-informed decision about your health.