5 Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

The plantar fascia – the muscle running between your toes and your heel – is one of the most frequently stressed muscles in the human body. Although safe walking habits can do a great deal to prevent plantar fasciitis (AKA the strain and eventual microtearing of the plantar fascia), on average, we see one in ten individuals dealing with foot pain who end up needing to find a remedy for plantar fasciitis pain. Fortunately, surgical intervention only rarely is necessary; only five percent of plantar fasciitis victims will be unable to treat it through less drastic solutions. Of course, I would recommend these solutions as general well-being practices for anyone who indulges in jogging or other, equally strenuous exercise, regardless of whether or not they’re in need of a remedy for plantar fasciitis pain

1- Use footwear with adequate support, particularly for the arch. Using loafers, sandals or other shoes with poor support while running or walking for prolonged periods places additional, wholly unnecessary strain on the plantar fascia. Padded soles also can dull hard impacts on pavement and other man-made walking materials that can jar your foot.This also includes having the right footwear for when you’re walking around your own home. Avoid being barefoot or using slippers whenever possible.

2- If your plantar fasciitis is causing swelling, use cold ice packs on your foot. As long as you don’t do anything else to aggravate your foot, this will reduce the swelling and numb the pain until the symptoms relieve themselves. If you have access to one, a frozen golf ball or other round object can be rolled along the underside of your foot to massage the muscle while also providing the desired temperature.However, don’t use heat sources in a similar fashion, even if you’re ordinarily used to contrast baths (which, incidentally, have no proven medical effectiveness in contrast to ice packs). Heat frequently aggravates the symptoms of damage to your plantar fascia.

3- Stretch your feet regularly, especially just after you’ve gotten out of bed or had a prolonged period of being stationary. Personally, I recommend patients try out the towel stretch: roll up a towel, hook it beneath your foot, and apply gentle pressure to the towel while holding your leg straight from a sitting position. However, if you don’t have a towel on hand, other stretches can offer similar benefits without the need for props.

4- Buy separate insoles for your shoes with arch support. These products average out at cheaper than a comparative set of shoes with the arch support built-in, and allow you to keep your wardrobe without sacrificing your foot’s health. However, this remedy for plantar fasciitis pain does call for some cautious shopping, as there are many quality of life differences between brands, such as insoles failing to cover the entire foot or slipping once in place. You’ll also need to replace most brands once or twice a year purely due to wearing them out from use

5- Topical pain medications, usually in the form of a cream, are something I recommend only for cases when correcting self-destructive patient behavior in inadequate for dealing with the immediate symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Although the prescription recommended may vary with the individual in question, plantar fasciitis this severe usually will require a potent medication with anti-inflammation properties, as well as general anesthetic attributes to dull the pain. Over the counter equivalents also are available, albeit generally less effectual in cases that call for egregious measures.

Even though most cases of plantar fasciitis pain are a simple matter of the patient abusing his feet with unhealthy walking, running or standing habits, sometimes I see patients who aren’t even remotely to blame for their situations. Plantar fasciitis also can be a symptom of bone spurs (the outgrowth of additional bone along your normal skeleton, which is especially linked to foot problems in aging individuals) or even naturally ‘too tight’ calf muscles. When prolonged suffering is the result, turning to chemical solutions often is the best thing to do for the patient’s long term quality of life.

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Natural Remedies for Colds – Are Natural Remedies Effective on Viruses?

Modern Medicine

In modern times we have made ourselves an “I want it now” society. This includes our healthcare. We want to go to the doctor or grocery store, buy a medicine, and see immediate results.

Globally we spend $4.5 trillion dollars per year on healthcare; however, everywhere we go are the implications of a society driving itself further into a health crisis. So, are we healthier because of the money we spend on our immediate results?

The answer is NO.

Modern medicine is actually the synthetic reproduction of isolated natural agents. In other words, scientists will isolate a molecule from a plant understanding that it will help with a common ailment. They will then synthetically reproduce this in the lab, add a bunch of fillers, and put it on the market.

Nevertheless, synthetically reproduced molecules aren’t metabolized by our systems like natural ones. The product may help with one symptom but it will cause a host of other symptoms, to which, we then turn around and take another medication for, right?

So we are a culture of treating symptoms… not root causes.

Natural Medicine

Despite what most believe, there are natural remedies that can and do help with common ailments. However, you have to have the right ones.

So let’s discuss a few common natural cures and which are best to use.


Herbs are dried pants; whether they are dried in the sun or in a dehydrator they are still exposed to heat for an extended amount of time. In general, herbs lose approximately 50% of their nutritional value and healing ability when dried. For example, although there are roughly 1620 micrograms of beta-carotene and 27 milligrams of Vitamin C in a standard portion of mint; when dry, these nutrients are reduced to 810 micrograms beta-carotene and 13.5 milligrams of Vitamin C. So their healing ability and nutritional value aren’t anywhere near what this herb can deliver raw.

Essential Oils:

I am quite partial to essential oils; however, there are a TON of fakes out there on the market. First, let me tell you why essential oils work and then I will explain what oils you need to get the most healing benefit.

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from the seeds, bark, leaves, roots, stems, flowers, or fruit of a plant. Each essential oil differs in its chemical constituents and therefore its ability to heal certain things in the body. This chemical makeup can be affected by many things prior to and during the distillation process. Things like the fertility of the soil, fertilizer used, geographic region, climate, altitude, method of harvest, and method of distillation can greatly impact the quality of each essential oil.

For example, what do you think of when you think about where oranges come from? Florida, right? So if I brought an orange tree from Florida and decided to grow it in Wyoming, do you think it would bear the same quality fruit? The answer is emphatically, NO. The fruit probably wouldn’t grow as big or be as sweet. The same thing goes for essential oils, they come from plants so there quality can be affected by things that are sometimes completely overlooked.

Essential oils exemplify the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of a plant that, when pure, can penetrate the very selective cellular membrane around each of our cells. In truth, they can actually affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes and once in the body they are metabolized like other nutrients.

Because essential oils can penetrate the plasma membrane of a cell they can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. How does this happen? Essential oils have actually been proven to inactivate a protein in viruses that prevents it from reproducing. They have also been proven to cause apoptosis (or programmed cell death) in bacterial and cancer cells without affecting normal healthy cells.

Unlike herbs, essential oils are not dried and therefore retain all of their nutritional value and healing ability if distilled properly. In reality, they are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.

What to choose?

Natural remedies are definitely the way to go. There are things out there that can help you live healthier and heal from every kind of health problem, but it’s sometimes difficult to know which remedies to choose.

In my humble opinion, essential oils are much more effective than anything you find dried or frozen; however, if there aren’t any FDA regulations on the essential oils sold in health food stores which ones do you buy?

There is a company out there (I won’t name names) that sells CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. This means that all of their oils are third party tested for purity.

Well then what constitutes purity, right? Well, the third party tests each oil to make sure all of its constituents a) come from the plant that was distilled b) contain no fillers, pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals and c) are in the right proportion to one another and makeup an oil profile that is of the upmost purity for that particular oil. I personally use these oils in my daily life and recommend you do the same.

Stress and Malaria – What is the Connection? Secrets You Never Knew Now Revealed!

“The Best of Healers is Good Cheer” — Pindar

“The Beginning of Health is Sleep” — Irish Proverb

“The Sound of a Kiss is not so Loud as that of a Cannon, but its Echo Lasts a Great Deal Longer” — Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes


It is no longer news that the entire world is going through some very disturbing and difficult situations. From the USA to Asia, from Europe to Africa and other parts of the globe, the story is the same.

These situations create one condition that is commonly experienced by all those affected by these turmoils; either in a minor or huge way. Stress in the name given to describe this condition.

And it is the health of people who are stressed up that usually suffer. This condition is worsened at those times of the year when people begin to reflect on their unfulfilled dreams, broken promises, financial losses botched business plans, political and corporate betrayals, misplaced trust in “friends”, deceits, blackmails, disappointed love affairs and sour romantic adventures; not to talk of the domestic upheavals in the home front.

The Secret Information

Singly or cumulatively, these situations make a lot of people edgy, irrational and irritable. And the result? The biochemical balance of the body fluids is disrupted leading to several illnesses and or a vulnerability to diseases.

And here is the SECRET that is worth remembering, not just this month, but for all times.

One bout of stress, be it a fit of anger, fear (induced externally or generated from within), worry, disappointed love or any negative emotion-backed demands placed on your body, alters the biochemical balance of your body fluids and the harmonious working of the organs.

The effect of this one bout of stress lingers on for at least fourteen days. Yes! You read it right — two weeks!

Therefore during this period, a person under this condition becomes vulnerable to diseases. Either, a latent condition is brought into an active, acute and sometimes life-threatening stage; or the person easily contracts infectious diseases that may be prevalent where he or she is. And the only way to avoid unpleasant consequences arising from this is to know how to mitigate, reverse or antidote the negative effects which are bound to show very quickly or be a little delayed depending on the constitutional make-up of the person involved.

MALARIA — The Stress Connection

And this is where Stress and Malaria become connected. It may sound unthinkable or even ridiculous but long-forgotten records of older Natural and Holistic Healthcare Practitioners that date to over two hundred years ago; and my own practical experiences have shown over a twenty-year period that stress produces a peculiar type of malaria which I have referred to in my book as “False Malaria”.

All the symptoms of malaria are present, the laboratory tests confirm that there are malaria parasites in the blood but surprisingly, no anti-malaria drug is able to cure these patients. Not even the best and latest “specials”.

Fever Is Just a Symptom Common to Many Diseases

It is at this point that a lot of mistakes are made by people who resort to self medication or the attending healthcare professional who bases his or her treatment regime on only what can be seen or touched — the laboratory test results. That a person has fever (elevation of the body temperature above the normal — oral: 37ºC and rectal: 37.2ºC) does not mean he or she has the “True Malaria” that requires anti-malaria drugs.

Most diseases especially childhood diseases start with a fever and must therefore be properly investigated to determine what exactly is wrong; instead of rushing to give anti-malaria drugs. The attitude to begin the treatment of all cases that started as a fever with anti-malaria drugs, have led to wrongful treatment for measles, polio, pneumonia and a host of other health complaints. Thus complicating a normally simple case and in some instances leading to fatal results.

Therefore to treat every suspected case of malaria with anti-malaria drugs based on the laboratory tests cannot guarantee the best results. That will be unpardonable ignorance on the true nature of the disease. But if you are sure it a case of “True Malaria” and you apply the right medicines, improvement commences in a few moments and should be under control within 24 hours.

Be Wise, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Free, Be Healthy

It is therefore very pertinent that you know the truth about malaria and how to handle the situation that you come across intelligently. This is not an advocacy for self-medication or treatment but a knowledge-based information resource to avoid being a victim of wrongful treatments for the disease. As I have always counseled, it is important that you consult with the right Healthcare Professional for your treatment requirements. You can learn a lot more about the subject by reading The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA (Second Edition) a.k.a. The Malaria Eradication Bible.

Learn From The experiences of Others — Don’t Be a Victim

Let us now briefly look at a typical chronic malaria situation that was stress-related (a.k.a. “false malaria”) but suppressed severally until it came to my attention.

Mr. Ezee X (not his real name) is a very busy middle-aged business executive in a very competitive product brand company in one of our cities. Meeting deadlines, tight schedules, frequent meetings and ensuring higher profit margins for his company are the hallmarks of his job. It is common among sedentary but mentally-tasked office workers, especially in the city and busy urban towns to claim that they don’t know why they have frequent malaria attacks. So it was with Mr. Ezee X.

After all, he had the “best” of medical attention from high-brow hospitals or clinics at the expense of his employers. And he lived and worked in an air-conditioned home and offices that are routinely fumigated to kill mosquitoes, drives in air-conditioned cars, eat the most “nourishing” foods and drink the finest wines and beers on offer. Plus all the other perks of what he considers to be “a good life” tucked in as extras. So what could be wrong?

Ignorance Can Be A Fatal Disease

On face value, he actually lived a good life and one his peers envied. But despite his naturally-endowed vibrant physique and boundless energies, which made him a workaholic, something was missing. And this could easily have cost him his life. What?

He knew very little about his body and how to take care of it. He depended only on what he was told by his doctors, friends, relations and colleagues, especially about his frequent malaria attacks. He ignored even the most obvious and basic cause of his problem which stared at him clearly on a daily basis. — Job Stress.

Despite the frequency and recurrent attacks, he just could not understand or deliberately decided to ignore the message his body was sending to him. That the exciting cause was “in him” and not “outside of him”. In consequence, he was slowly being turned into an “anti-malaria drug addict”.

A Stitch In Time Always Saves “The Nine”

But once, he was shown his mistakes, and came to a realization of the near fatal errors he was making, and corrections made, he was now able to work more effectively, efficiently and wisely without endangering himself or drugging himself silly everyday. The amazing result? Improvement set in within one month of administering the right treatment for him; which was customized to meet the exigencies of his case. He was stable in three months and did not have to depend on drugs to keep him active and well.

Six months later, after these corrections, he no longer needed his usually very expensive monthly “anti-malaria residence permit in the clinic”; plus he earned a promotion to boot, for a job well done. Did I hear you say he is happy? It is more than that. Today, Mr. Ezee X is malaria-free, wiser and really living the Good Life. Thanks to Natural and Holistic Healthcare.

Procedural Errors

Let us take a peep at what really happens when a frequent malaria case patient that has “False Malaria” is taken to the clinic. He or she is examined and the various tests carried out to determine what is wrong with him or her. Then comes the result which usually reads “malaria parasite plus plus”. So the attending physician goes to work; prescribing the “best” anti-malaria drugs in the market.

It is not uncommon to add doses of antibiotics to the list of medications that the patient receives. The patient is then advised (sometimes warned) to take the medicines as prescribed religiously, without fail. And they do. From that point, there are two scenarios that will manifest.

Suppression Does Not Mean Cure

With the “anti” approach to this kind of case, either of these two scenarios is played out:

At the best, the case is suppressed and a temporary relief is given to the patient. Then he or she has to come to the clinic, again and again, after a few days or weeks for more invasive, suppressive and expensive temporary relief treatment. It is not uncommon to see people who are branded “monthly malaria patients”. So, the patient gets a temporary relieve of his or her complaints, the symptoms “disappear” or so it seems and gladly pays the hefty medical bill presented to him or her.

At the worst, the case becomes complicated and more difficult to treat. Then the patient will become subjected to “specialist clinical investigation” to unravel the “cause” of the “unusual ailment”. By which time a lot of damage would have been done; not by the original disease itself, but by the wrongful suppressive treatments applied. Many a times, the “bubble gets burst” here for the unfortunate victims.

The Missing Link

In Mr. Ezee X.’s case, no effort was really made to investigate his complaints properly before treatment was commenced. Hence the case was recurrent because the illness was actually being palliated and or suppressed by wrongful treatments. The laboratory tests results did not indicate that he had “Job Stress” or other emotional or mental upheavals that could be the exciting cause of his problem. No laboratory test has the ability to do so.

And neither was he questioned on these issues. Most attending physicians have no time for lengthy patient interviews or what they consider to be “personal trivia”. It is not their concern.

One of the most worrisome symptoms he had was insomnia. The medical term for sleeplessness. This is common among the busy business executives who by nature live a very stressful schedule type of life. You may say it is a kind of professional hazard. He was therefore used to taking massive doses of tranquilizers to send him to sleep. But once the exciting cause of his problem was identified, these were phased out while instituting the most appropriate remedial measures and therapy for him.

A single dose of a well-known Natural Remedy taken at bedtime, for three consecutive nights restored his biorhythm clock and sleep pattern. Now he sleeps like a baby without the use of tranquilizers or other psychotropic drugs or alcohol.

Anti-malaria Drugs Cannot Cure “False Malaria” Cases

If a dormant or passive malaria constitution is aroused into an acute active phase by a stress-related stimulus, no amount of the best or most powerful anti-malaria drug treatment will cure the disease or bring a permanent resolution of the problem. The key — the missing link — therefore is to find the exciting cause or causes; and then apply Natural and Holistic Healthcare remedies that address the true nature of the complaint and are tuned to the peculiar constitution of the person.

There can be no mass treatment with one drug for everybody in this situation. Another common error or mistake in conventional approaches. Every case must be individualized and treatment tailored to meet the person’s precise condition or circumstance.

Know Thyself

It is for these reasons, you will do well to know who you really are and how your body responds to various stimuli, environment, disease, food and drinks and a host of other circumstances or conditions that may be outside your immediate control. Especially where mental and emotional interactions are involved. These are the precursors of stress and its effects.

Tip: It is not so much what happens around us that is really important in determining how we or our bodies react to it. It is our attitude towards it; and which has a bearing on our beliefs, orientation, knowledge and understanding of the matter. An enlightened consciousness is a direct reflection of being properly informed and educated on a wide range of issues. This helps to assuage, minimize or avoid stress or stress-related effects of our everyday lives.


To conclude this discourse, here are some Natural and Holistic Healthcare Remedies that are useful for stress and insomnia. I will however limit my recommendations to items I know you can easily find or have access to. These are of a general nature and may not apply to some individual situations. You are therefore counselled to always consult a qualified healthcare provider or professional who understands these issues, if you are not conversant with these approaches or healing methods.

When used, these will help you maintain harmony, balance and equilibrium in your cells and the fluids surrounding them. Your body is therefore kept healthy, strong, active and naturally immune to stress-induced diseases, especially “false malaria”.

Gandhi’s Remedy

The world-renowned Mahatma Gandhi of India, the cool and calm nationalist and the senior advocate of peaceful civil revolution and non-violence, was noted to always drink a tea made from the herb “serpentwood”. The holy men and sages of India who desired the calm and tranquility necessary for meditation were also noted to regularly chew the roots of this herb.

If you work in very challenging situations, requiring mental, emotional, physical and or intellectual brainstorming; and therefore have a tendency or potential to always combat STRESS, you have Mother Nature by your side to assist you to remain cool, calm and collected to achieve optimum positive results; with the use of this herb. There will be no need for psychotropic drugs or alcohol.

Serpentwood has been in use in India for over 4000 (four thousand) years and is known as the “soother of the mind”. It is available from Health Food Stores or Indian/Oriental Herbs shops. Read the directions on the pack or bottle for usage instructions.

Gypsies’ Juice

Please don’t panic! Don’t mind the name. It just happened that while no one paid attention, the Gypsies found something very good in Natural and Holistic medicine and decided to popularize it. That is how it earned the name. So what is it?

This Natural Remedy is composed of what you know already individually, but perhaps don’t know the value of the combined product. Gypsies’ Juice is made from oranges, lemons, natural honey and hot water. It is that simple but powerful. It is used to treat insomnia (sleeplessness) and to relieve tension of mind and body or what you call stress.

To prepare: Cut two to three fresh oranges and squeeze out the juice with the fleshy pulp into a big enough cup. Similarly cut and squeeze out the juice and pulp of one big-sized lemon (or two if small). Add two to three table spoons of pure natural honey or as you prefer. Fill up the cup with previously boiled hot water. Prepare it fresh and drink it as hot as you can just before bedtime. It will take only a few minutes after you have relaxed; and you will doze off and soon have a nice, refreshing and invigorating sleep. You will wake up in the morning feeling much more relaxed and energetic. This is much safer, healthier and by far cheaper than your tranquilizers.

Lettuce Tea

In the United Kingdom, the English and Irish peasants have a remedy for insomnia. Fresh lettuce leaves are chopped and a tea made out of them. When taken before bedtime, sleep is assured. The observation that indigestion is a common cause of insomnia, spurred The Irish to also add a sprig of mint leaves to the lettuce tea. This therefore facilitates digestion as well as improve the taste.

Herbal Bath Therapy

For the ancient Romans and Greeks, taking a herbal bath was the best method to relieve anxiety, tension and stress. Today, the modern way of life has robbed most humans of the ability to relax naturally using these time-tested techniques and resources at our disposal. But now you can re-discover these secrets by applying these recommendations.

If you had had a grueling or stressful day at work, either at home or in the office, a hot herbal bath can do wonders for your body and your mind. Before you contemplate taking drugs that may be loaded with harmful chemicals, why not try the safer and healthier alternative, for your own sake if nothing else?

Herbs used for herbal baths now come in sachets and are available in Health Food Stores, good Supermarkets and some Natural Healthcare Pharmacies. The best herbs to look for are Chamomile, Sweet Flag and Valerian.

Many people have devised creative ways to prepare and use herbal baths. For a simple but effective method, just hang the herbal sachets from the water faucet in the bath after filling with hot water. Allow the herbal essences to be properly dispersed and mixed with the water. This you can know from the change in colour of the water. Then immerse your body in the hot herbal water and enjoy the soothing feeling this brings. Individual discretion is counseled as to use and length of time required to take the bath.

The Kiss Therapy

German scientific researchers have indicated that good feelings towards our partners, neighbours and family members go a long way to help people deal with stress. It is all about our attitude towards each other.

One of the ways to express these loving feelings we have for the people who are important to us or live with us is through the gesture of a kiss or hug; either before leaving home or first thing on return from a journey or work. The research concluded that: “Kissing can help people deal with stress, giving them a more positive attitude” and “A positive attitude leads to better work performance, greater earning power and a longer healthier life”.

Mmmhm! Isn’t that a wonderful revelation? So now you know!

And if you find someone without a smile, give him or her, one of yours!

Thanks! for making the world a better, healthier and safer place to live in . . . It always begins with YOU.

That wraps it up for this month.


Now is your turn to put into practice what you have learnt. You are now well on your way to eradicate malaria from your life and our World. You also now know some of the ways to avoid or overcome stress and insomnia in a safer, healthier and natural way. Until next month, when a new powerful Malaria Eradication Secret will be revealed,

This is to Your Perfect Health and Be Malaria-Free For Life!

With Love and Affection.

How to Choose a Naturopathic Doctor For Alternative Healthcare

The field of alternative healthcare is an important rising phenomenon so it’s important for anyone interested in this type of health care to know how to choose a naturopathic doctor. A naturopathic doctor is a professional who has earned an ND from an accredited four year Naturopathic medical school. Many of these schools are in the U.S. and Canada even though the origins of alternative health care has its roots in Europe. Generally, an ND uses a holistic approach to healing the body through natural remedies, diet, lifestyle and the inhibited use of drugs or surgery. A naturopathic doctor’s philosophy is based on the idea that through the proper holistic approach to many health issues, the body can be encouraged to heal itself naturally. heal itself.

The interest in using alternative health care modalities has created a demand for educated professionals in the field. However, there are a lot of unregulated alternative treatments and holistic methods applied by various levels of experts, so it may be hard to know how to find a reputable, expert ND. If you’re interested in finding a naturopathic doctor, here are some tips that can help you make a wiser choice when searching for a professional, alternative healthcare professional.

1. NDs can be found by checking with organizations such as the American Holistic Health Association. The Coalition for Natural Health is also another organization that can provide info on a licensed ND in your area.

2. When you find an ND in your area, always check to see if he or she has a current state license that is recognized.

3. Find someone who has actually been to an ND if possible, since personal referrals are always very helpful in determining whether you would be interested in scheduling a visit.

4. Always find out how long an ND has been practicing. As is the case with any profession, the longer they have been in the profession, the better doctor’s they probably are.

5. At your first visit, don’t be hesitant to ask a lot of questions regarding philosophy, treatment modalities, and tools for diagnosis. Also, be careful to see if the practitioner is open and honest with answers rather than defensive or dismissive.

6. If you decide to try a certain therapy or natural remedy that is prescribed, be sure to check with your general practitioner to make sure that there are no overlapping concerns with parallel treatments.

7. If possible, get as much background information on the ND that you can such as where he or she studied holistic medicine, certification status and if there are any outstanding legal concerns still pending.

A naturopathic doctor can offer many alternative treatment plans for various health issues that concern much of the general public. If you are interested in trying alternative healthcare, be sure to get educated about naturopathic doctors and what they can do to help many conditions through holistic methods of treatment.